Sweet and Simple Spa Moments (1900 KB)
In need of a little pampering to relax the body and revive the soul? With sweet and soothing honey, you can bypass that expensive trip to the spa and create mini-spa treatments and healthful menu ideas economically at home. These pages include honey-based spa treatments and delicious recipes for pre- or post-workout activities. Try some! You will enjoy honey's soothing effects throughout the day

Honey For All Seasons (350 KB)
Six luscious honey recipes, from summer popsicles to holiday gift sauces.



Honey and Exercise (208 KB)
Dont forget when planning your training that honey is a source of carbohydrates, providing energy, sweet flavor, as well as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This brochures provides three recipes for a honey inspired sports beverage that will quench your thirst during exercise


Honey I Love You(182 KB)
These recipes were created to help you rediscover the simple, sweet pleasures of life. The aroma of freshly baked carrot cake. Licking your fingers after a leisurely breakfast. Hearing those special words, "Honey I Love You."

Honey & Florida Grapefruit (401 KB)
Look for this colorful brochure, which includes recipes, grapefruit tips and honey hints, at your local grocery store or download it below



In the Garden with Honey (1098 KB)
On the pages of this brochure, you will find a variety of ideas for delicious recipes, soothing beauty treatments and homemade food gifts that combine honey with natures generous garden bounty


Honey. Drink It Up. (271 KB)
Honey naturally sweetens your favorite beverages and adds a subtle flavor all its own.



Honey, You're a Classic (236 KB)
These classic honey recipes are old favorites updated for todays cook. Uncomplicated yet spectacular, these timeless honey dishes will help you conjure and create golden sweet memories. 

Beekeepers' Favorite Recipes (880 KB)
Prize winning recipes from the National Honey Boards Beekeepers Favorite Recipe Contest.


Bright & Beautiful (267 KB) includes ideas for homemade honey beauty treatments and explains why honey is beneficial to skin.

Swift & Savory (354 KB) includes eight delicious recipes for easy to make dishes ready in 30 minutes or less such as Tangy Roast Beef Pockets, Smoked Turkey Grab n Go and Swift & Savory Rice Pilaf.

Healthy & Hearty (211 KB) features mouthwatering meals proportioned just for two, like Honey-Glazed Ham Steaks, South of the Border Salad with Honey Jalapeno Dressing and Honey Carrot Soup.

Good & Golden (196 KB) showcases honey in a variety of baked goods perfect for both novice and expert bakers. Honey Apricot Muffins, Lemon Dream Pie and Honey Chocolate Chippers are just a few of the delicious recipes included.



Hold on to Your Hat! In this PDF file there are 143 pages (no Pictures) of Honey recipes, we are positive that you will be delighted with this great resource. 11.1 MB

143 Page Book

Here we have provided many great non honey related recipes. Some of these are from well known Restaurants. (many are very large files & will take time to open)

Coca Cola
1000 Atkins Recipes
Dales Recipes
Secrete Recipes
Dr Atkins Revolution
Restaurant Recipes
Fish and Game
Native American
International Recipes
Pro Pizza
Tried and True
The Dutch Oven
Red Lobster
Olive Garden
Soup Recipes
Seafood Recipes

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You can get all these recipes on a CD with a purchase of 25.00 or more (1 per household, while supplies last).

We have the recipes you've been looking for. In order to view these recipes, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

If you do not have Reader you can get it by clicking on the link below

Not only did we provide for you great honey recipes, but we have included some really great recipes from major restaurants and around the world.

We hope you enjoy them all.

These recipes do not adhere to any particular dietary customs or practices.


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